BBG #4

BBG #4

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On the BBG 20 acre lode claims gold is found in quartz veins and in the form of placer gold, gold that has eroded from the outcrops. The host rock for these veins is a medium-grained granite cut by mafic dikes. To find gold bearing outcrops one has to play detective and look for ragged chunks of rusty quartz or iron stained silicified country rock. Many of these gold-bearing veins are concealed by thick-thorny brush and probably the main reason they are still available for you.

When we tested these claims prior to staking them we found several gold-bearing quartz veins with some copper oxides and pyrite. These veins were striking in a northerly direction and dipping to the west. They ranged in thickness from a few inches to three feet and were traceable for over 300 feet. 

When we discovered placer gold in the catch basin we set up a dry-washer and ran a considerable amount of material through that machine. We made our cleanups with a Desert Fox Gold Wheel and used water from the creek. We dug down to bedrock and cleaned out crevices with a shop-vac. The largest piece I recovered weighed over a gram and was ragged with a tiny piece of quartz attached. My helper who camped up there for 8 days was more fortunate and found several pieces exceeding two grams with a fair amount of fines and flakes.


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