BEL #7

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The area was worked in the past and there are small old mine workings on the BEL #7 claim. The veins that cut through this portion of the claim contain visable lead, zinc, silver and some gold & copper. Most of the ore mined was trucked to a mill. I have found some great hi-grade specimens there. Bel #7 has the old shack foundation and small pit or cut to the east that has high-grade in the small dump. You have to heft each piece as the rocks all looks the same but the high-grade is much heavier. When you break many you will see streaks of galena (lead-silver rich sulfide).

Placer gold can be recovered from several of the small gulches and washes on the claims. The host rock is silicified basalt's, andesite and quartz along a northwest striking, steeply dipping fault. This is one of the best highly mineralized claim groups in our inventory.

The Scott Mine is located 3600' east of the BEL 7. Caution: The shaft at the Scott Mine is very deep and was covered until some idiot stole the cover. Now its fenced as per the Bureau of Mines regulations.


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