Blue Wash Gold #1

Blue Wash Gold #1

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Fine to gold flakes are found in the main wash, especially if one digs down to or near bedrock. The cracks, fractures and crevices yield the best results if you can use a gas powered shop vac to suck out the paydirt. Several of the small gulches that drain into the main wash produced larger pieces (pickers and small nuggets). We ran about a cubic yard of this material through a dry washer and recovered some great fines, flakes and pickers. A metal detector will help locate hot spots in and out of the main wash. Some areas of the main wash is a deep dig to bedrock so you might want to do some testing first. I personally have no desire to dig to China and highly doubt if you do. With a Plan Of Operations and Reclamation Bond filed with the BLM you might go for a backhoe to reach hot ground at or above bedrock. 


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Temporarily sold out due to the 2020 Gold Rush...Stay Tuned! 
We just completed testing in some exciting gold bearing areas and our field crew is working overtime to replenish our inventory with the best claims available in Arizona. New gold claims will be listed as soon as they are properly recorded. Mention the 2020 Gold Rush for $100.00 discount off new purchase. 
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