Dead Car

This is a group of 5 Arizona lode mining claims, over 100 acres of mineral rights


  • No interest payment plan with 20% down and monthly payments.
  • BLM maintenance fee paid separate, currently $165.00 a year for each claim.

Fine particles of placer gold have been recovered from the washes and gulches surrounding these claims. The property was previously developed by the old timers sinking a 30-foot vertical shaft on an exposed high-grade vein that strikes north-south and dips near vertical. Obviously, the ore was hand sorted and a small amount of high-grade ore was shipped to an unknown destination. A grab sample taken from one of the small tailing dumps assayed over 2% copper = over 40 pounds per ton or over $100 per ton at the current copper price. The tailings assayed about 2/3 of an ounce of gold or nearly $1000 per ton at today's price. We took one sample of the best-looking material in the dump and it assayed over 8% copper and about the same in gold as above.

Our recent efforts consisted of taking a 550-foot soil line about 400 feet south of the main workings at a right angle to the known vein and the results indicate either two parallel zones, one much wider than the vein at the main workings or a possible merging of two highly mineralized zones. This claim block has great potential for a small two- or three-man operation. Just the gold content alone makes it a very attractive small high-grade operation.

Gold prices are on the rise and this is a moneymaker for a few hardworking men. Then there is always the possibility to develop it a bit and sell or lease it to one of the many gold hungry junior companies. Feel free to contact us for additional info.


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