Galena Gem #'s 1-5

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• Group of 5 Lode Mining claims, totalling over 100 acres. 

• Payment plan with no interest; $500 down and 34 monthly payments of $500.00

• BLM maintenance fee paid separate, currently $165.00 per claim each year.

The Galena Gem claims, #1 - #5 are located on the east slopes of the New Water Mountains. There are several small mineral bearing desert washes to the south and southwest. Generally, the terrain is steep and rocky. Hard on shoe leather but the basalt (volcanic) boulders are great for hiding the treasures. Antimony, arsenic, mercury, silver and of course gold were obtained in screened soil samples. These are considered pathfinder elements for most of the huge Nevada hot springs gold deposits.

Basalt flows are exposed in the New Water Mountains, these flows lie strati-graphically above most silicic rocks. Layers of silicic tuff are interlayered with layers of welded tuff and silicic flows. The basalts are black to dark gray, massive to vesicular and amygdaloidal, and commonly contain small phenocrysts of olivine altered to secondary clay minerals.

This portion of the New Water Mountains is a classic example of a hot springs deposit. Here opaline silica occurs as veins, veinlets and vuggy fillings in a highly clay-altered basalt. There are many of these hot springs targets in southern Arizona but most are very subtle and it takes  a lot of grass root prospecting to locate them. The prize is worth the effort if you are a serious prospector.

We have found geodes, agate and fire agate on these claims also, if you are a rockhound you may find some quality specimens.


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