Pegasus #6

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The host rock consists of Yavapai Schist and numerous gold bearing quartz veins and veinlets that traverse the schist. Much of the schist is concealed with a thin cover of alluvium and the surface is littered with pieces of quartz which in some areas is so plentiful it appears to be snow covered. The schist is ragged and creates a natural trap for placer gold. Our test results from cleaning out one 6 inch crevice yield almost a quarter of a gram from a half of a 5 gallon bucket of sand and gravel removed with a shop vac. 

The placer gold eroded from the many quartz veins on and off of the claim. No doubt one could be prospecting for lode gold if you have the equipment and desire. I have found quartz float in the area that runs well over two ounces per ton.


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