Secret Canyon #2

Secret Canyon #2

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A brush fire swept through this past summer and has burnt away a lot of grass, weeds and brush exposing areas that our previous prospecting efforts missed. We tested the claim with a dry washer and recovered fines and flakes from several of the small washes and gulches.  

There are many quartz veins exposed in the schist  and several samples of the iron stained quartz panned gold when crushed down to powder.  

This beautiful gold mining claim offers some great opportunities.

(1)   Prospect and develop the gold bearing quartz veins.  With gold hovering in the $1800-$2000 per oz range this claim could easily make one or two men a living.

(2)  Test with a dry washer or metal detector hot spots and set up a small placer operation. 

(3)  The east end line of this claim is within a few hundred yards of a giant claim block consisting of over 700 lode claims (about 22 square miles) controlled by a major mining company.  Developing the hard rock potential of this claim may interest the company into making an offer to purchase the claim at a price $1000's over our purchase price.

(4)  Mine the claim part time and use it for a staging point to explore and prospect for the Lost Dutchman or one of the Peralta mines in this area.