Vulture South #10

Vulture South #10

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The mineralized zone at the nearby Vulture mine is fault controlled with the vein trending east-west nearly parallel to foliation with a dip of 42 degrees N. The vein was traced 1,000 feet on the surface and is 32 feet wide on the surface. It is a complex of quartz and schist, such that mineralized quartz (about 6 feet thick) lies adjacent to footwall schist. 

Vulture South Placer Claim group is located 300ft lower elevation then the outcrops at the mine. Through thousands of years of erosion gold has been washed down slope into numerous small washes creating this placer deposit. In every test hole we dug and tested, we recovered fine gold. At no point did we reach bedrock where we suspect the heavier, coarser gold particles have settled. At one location we found caliche at a depth of 12 inches below the surface. Caliche is a false bedrock composed of sand, gravel and cemented by porous calcium carbonate. This caliche is fractured, full of cracks, crevices and small potholes. Here we recovered our coarsest gold by vacuuming out the cracks and crevices. How widespread this caliche is no one knows as none of us are capable of seeing one foot below our feet. However, a small gas powered auger could help locate these layers of caliche and definitely increase your yield.


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