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Walk Away or Try Again?

We wanted to share some stories of successes after initial failures that we’ve recently come across. Our goal is to show our buyers who have not yet made a recovery a little hope. Every story has two sides, how many times have people given up not knowing that their 'win' was right around the corner? Or, in our case, underfoot. A few people will be successful on their first visit to their claim. What if you aren’t?

Should you throw your arms up and walk away? Or try, try again?

Our claims all have been hand chosen by Steve for their mineralization. We have heard many success stories from customers sharing their satisfaction. We also have had a few, whom not for lack of effort, did not recover gold. One set of claims was tried by more than a few, unsuccessfully. After the second customer said ‘no gold’ we pressured Steve to drop them, but he insisted that these claims had gold and held considerable value. A third person bought and returned one of them and finally, a fourth person bought one. After testing, he returned and bought the remainder of the claims available in the block. Some say, this guy knew what he was doing. Some say, he got lucky. Steve says, “I told you, if it didn’t have gold I wouldn’t have staked it”.

That quote applies to most of our available claims, we do have claims offering other minerals, mostly commercial opportunities. A commercial set of claims being developed for copper had a high-paid geologist running an operation. This geologist had outlined to dig over 42 trenches running in a northeast to southwest direction. After they completed the first 32 ditches, Steve pulled the plug and had our operator turn a 90-degree cut, off the trenches. We took the short, perpendicular cut down to a depth of about 10 feet before exposing ore grade copper which assayed 6% copper”.

Steve’s ability is not just years of hands on experience guiding him, it comes from a true passion for

Arizona Mining Claim Recovered Gold Sample

what he does and as he would say, “listening to the rocks”.

-Mine Finder Gold Team (623) 374-5413

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