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Big Nugget Gulch #2

Big Nugget Gulch #2

SKU: AZ105763420

• Paying in full or Military service? Enjoy 10% off any listed price.

• Interest Free payment plan; Put $125.00 down, pay $125.00 monthly until paid in full.

• BLM (Bureau of Land Management) maintenance fee paid directly to BLM, currently $200.00 a year for each claim.

A 1.2 ounce nugget was recovered by Steve with a detector about a mile downstream to the east in cemented gravels about 4 feet from the floor of Coyote Wash in a high bench. This nugget was well water worn and smooth meaning it had traveled considerable distance.

In our testing in the washes themselves we recovered small flakes and pickers that showed no wear, but were ragged and had not traveled far from their source. Several thin gold bearing quartz veins show up in washes and gulches. After each rain storm they are covered or uncovered by several feet of alluvium. The tracks and crevices have turned up some nice gold and a shop vac is the easiest way to recover.

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