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About Us
Steve Karolyi, CEO & Owner of Mine Finder Gold and Ranger Gold Exploration Gold Mining Claim Sales
Steve Karolyi
CEO & Owner
Find Gold in Arizona, Gold Nuggets Arizona Mining Claims
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Our mission as a company is to provide anyone who catches gold fever a viable outlet for treatment. We strive to sell safe, reasonably priced mining claims that anyone can purchase and yield results with a little hard work. 

I’ve had Gold Fever since I was 8. As a small boy I would complete my chores and grab my rock hammer, my trusty old single shot .22 rifle and a jug of water before heading to the hills. We had an old timer that lived down the road so on my returns from my adventures I would stop by to show him my discoveries. He’d take a look at each rock and pitch them into a growing pile, ‘leaverite’ he would announce as he threw them aside. I realized I was being told to ‘leave it right there’ as opposed to having discovered a new precious metal. One day he finally took interest in one of my samples and crushed it down to pan it. When he was done he showed me a string of color in the pan and said ‘that’s high grade gold’ needless to say I was hooked on prospecting from that day on.

Hooked he was. Steve went on to serve his country in Vietnam before getting back to his mining passion. His professional experience includes:

  • Four years underground contract mining, shaft sinking, driving drifts, raises and haulage adits.

  • 12 years with Falconbridge LTD in Toronto, Canada as a contract explorationist

  • Founding of Ranger Exploration in 1978

  • Eight years with Kennecott Exploration in Reno, NV as a contract explorationist

  • One year of diamond exploration with Kennecott Exploration

  • Four years exploring and prospecting the southwest by helicopter

  • Various freelancing and personal mining operations


After leaving the large mining companies for good, Steve delves into Ranger Exploration beginning the mission of selling valuable mining claims. Eventually the name was changed to Ranger Gold Exploration and Mine Finder Gold was founded in 2006. With demand as it is, Steve’s longtime friend, Ken joined the team as a surveyor to help keep up. Ken uses his professional mining experience to accurately locate, test, and stake quality claims. Combined Mine Finder Gold is working off 75 years of knowledge and experience.

Payment plans are available to everyone with no interest or hidden fees. Minimum payment of $100 each month per claim until paid in full. Annual Maintenance Fee, $165 paid separately each year by September 1st. 

Discounts available for military, law enforcement and fire fighters. We appreciate your service!


Please contact us if you have any questions!

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