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Bradshaw Mountains


The Bradshaw Mountains span from Prescott to Lake Pleasant. The highest peak in the range is Mount Union at 7,979 feet. At the base of the mountains you will be surrounded by the famous Sonoran Desert. As you climb in elevation you reach gorgeous forestry including Juniper, Pine and Conifer. Easily accessed off the I-17. Home to infamous mining towns such as Crown King and Cleator. The land is commonly used for off road recreation, hiking, biking, target-shooting, camping and of course gold mining. The Black Canyon National Recreation Trail (80 miles, established in 1919) cuts through the Bradshaw Mountains.


The geology of the Bradshaw Range includes Yavapai Precambrian schist, granite and other intrusive rocks. These older rocks are part of the main North American crystal plate, and have been brought to the surface by geologic uplift. While there are some younger tertiary volcanic rocks, such as basalt, which cover the hills and mountains. Older Precambrian rocks are underneath.


Gold Mining began in this plentiful region when two entrepreneurial brothers for whom the mountains are named, William and Isaac Bradshaw; set out in search of gold and silver in 1863. Within a short time they began showing results of an ounce per day (incredible considering the technology.) After news spread of the brother’s success and the Bradshaw Indian War ended in 1873, the gold rush truly began. Today you can find over 40 ghost towns and mining camps throughout Bradshaw Mountains and the area is known for the best producing placer claims in Arizona. 

Available Claims
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