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Bumblebee Gold #1

Bumblebee Gold #1

SKU: AZ101922875

• Paying in full or Military service? Enjoy 10% off any listed price. 

• Interest free payment plan; Put $290 down, pay $290 monthly until paid in full.

• BLM (Bureau of Land Management) maintenance fee paid directly to BLM, currently $165.00 a year for each claim.

Bumblebee Gold #1 is located in the valley of gold bearing Yavapai schist which is the basement rock and strikes well over 60 miles in a north-south direction and is several miles or more in width. Much of the schist is covered with alluvium and the placer gold is generally found under the alluvium and in the cracks, fractures, and crevices of the schist host rock. In our testing, we have recovered fines, flakes and pickers of placer gold in the alluvium.

Gold bearing narrow quartz veins traverse the schist and our testing recovered fine gold when samples of quartz was pulverized minus 80 mesh and ran through our Desert Fox Gold Wheel. If you are seeking a claim that is near the freeway and town with easy access and GOLD grab this one.

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