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Gold Pass #2

Gold Pass #2

SKU: AZ101713022

20 Acre Lode Mining Claim in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona

• Paying in full or Military service? Enjoy 10% off any listed price.

• Interest free payment plan; put $250.00 down, pay $250.00 monthly until paid in full.

• BLM (Bureau of Land Management) annual maintenance fees are paid directly to BLM, currently $165.00 per year.

The host rocks on this group of claims consist mostly of Pinal Schist. Gold bearing quartz veins and stringers traverse the schist. Placer gold can be recovered down slope from the gold bearing veins in small washes and gulches on both sides of the east-west trending ridge where the veins outcrop. There are several small mine workings and prospect pits on the claim block that could be deepened and explored. We recovered over a gram of fine placer gold from about a half of a 5 gallon bucket of material taken from bedrock cracks and crevices on the north slope a couple of years ago.

Huge Discovery 

Mines in many areas occur in clusters. The Superior area is a perfect example. The old underground Magma Mine operated for many years producing high grade copper, gold, silver, lead and zinc. Several others in the same area were well known high grade production.


Recently two major companies made a huge major discovery at a depth of 1.5 miles. It is called the Resolution and will be the largest underground mine in the United States if not the entire planet. This large mine will produce billions of pounds of copper, millions of ounces of gold and silver and other valuable by-products. Rumor has it the mine will be mined by robots as at that depth its hotter then hell. {check out the Resolution Mine on the net}.


To the northwest of the Resolution one or both operators have apparently made another major discovery. They have staked thousands of acres starting just north of our Gold Pass claims. I have seen several of their drill sites and they are in the permitting process to install access roads and drill sites over this huge area. In fact we have sold them several of our claims further north a few years back. This area has tremendous potential for huge, deep, underground ore deposits. Rumor has it the RESOLUTION  MINE itself can produce 30 years+ of our copper needs.

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