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Secret Canyon #1

Secret Canyon #1

SKU: AZ101385787

• Paying in full or Military service? Enjoy 10% off any listed price.

• Payment plan with no interest; put $250.00 down, pay $250.00 monthly until paid.

• BLM (Bureau of Land Management) maintenance fee paid directly to BLM, currently $165.00 a year for each claim.

Our testing recovered placer gold in the main wash. Fines and flakes in cracks and crevices and at bedrock. Narrow gold bearing quartz veins and stringers cut the Pinal Schist host rock, and in places the veins are very rich in gold, some silver and copper. A great place to hunt for specimen rocks and other gemstones as agate and ruby red garnets are often found in this geological environment. 

About a mile to the west a prominent butte rises steeply and at the base I saw Jesuit or Peralta treasure symbols scribed into the volcanic rock. Is this the area of the Lost Dutchman?

I have spent several years hunting for that lost mine and obviously have not found it yet. Maybe you will have better luck if you have the passion for treasure hunting.

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