Gold Butte #1-4

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This is a group of 4 Arizona lode mining claims, over 80 acres of mineral rights


  • No interest payment plan with 20% down and monthly payments.
  • BLM maintenance fee paid separate, currently $165.00 a year for each claim.

Almost all mineralization occurs along the northern edge of the mountain range, though not everywhere associated with older plutonic rocks. In the Webb Mountain area quartz-tourmaline alteration and quartz-chrysocolla-cuprite veins in small faults suggest remobilization and alteration of previously strata-bound volcanogenic sulfide deposits by younger hydrothermal circulation. The mineral deposits have undergone metamorphism.

The Butte Mine, a small past producing gold, copper and barite mine is located about 150 yards east of the east side line of the claim group. 

There are numerous small pits, shafts and trenches that expose copper-gold  mineralization on the Gold Butte claim group.  

Placer gold can be recovered in many of the small desert washes and gulches. 

A mining investment group hold the claims to the east and rumor has it that they plan to do some exploration drilling and trenching soon. 


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