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Maximize Your Investment

  1. Start prospecting your claim, locate and record any hot spots.

  2. Mine on a small scale while on vacations or weekends to cover expenses.

  3. Mine the hot spots and stash your gold until the price moves up.

Of course, you have other options, like leasing it or selling a portion of the claim. Some may choose to give it away to a family member or leave it as inheritance in a will.

We all know that the price of gold is going to break that sideways trend and go sky high. What we don't know is when. There is a possibility that gold could break out any day, I would suggest that you hang on to your gold mining claim for this reason alone. Prospect it with a gold pan a dry washer or a quality metal detector. None of us can see what is buried six inches below our feet, a good detector will help pick hot spots if not buried too deep. You might consider marking these locations, so you can find them later. No point in walking over or losing the MOTHERLODE if you were mere inches from it. Then stash rather than sell the gold that you find to build your financial security.

The most likely spot to find gold is where gold has been found before. Not to say that you won't find gold in a virgin area but please, allow me to improve your odds. Finding gold is what I do and what I have done for decades. We have found gold on every claim that we've staked, or we would not have spent the time and money to stake it.

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