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Wildlife Emergency

If you spend enough time in the desert, chances are you will encounter some wildlife! During our time in the field we've seen bobcats, javalina, desert tortoises, gila monsters, deer, fox, many birds and plenty of snakes. Most of the time all we need to do is simply give wildlife a bit of space and time but that's not always the case. If an animal is acting strangely, unable to move away or allowing people to get closer than normal it is cause for concern. Sometimes a little help is all these critters need to survive. If you think you may be able to do some good, there are several great organizations to help. Next time you come across injured wildlife, have this list handy.

Note of caution, wild animals are dangerous and unpredictable, especially when injured or distressed.

Southwest Wildlife

Wild mammals

Main telephone: (480) 471-9109 Mammal emergencies: (480) 433-5656

Wild at Heart

Birds of prey Main telephone: (480) 595-5047

Phoenix Herpetological Society

Reptiles Main telephone: (480) 513-4377

Liberty Wildlife

Native birds, frogs, toads, reptiles, mammals Main telephone: (480) 998-5550

East Valley Wildlife

Small birds, ducks, rabbits, squirrels Main telephone: (480) 814-9339

Arizona Game & Fish

Adobe Mountain

Wildlife Main telephone: (623) 582-9806

Arizona Game & Fish

Wildlife Main telephone: (602) 942-3000

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