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Here's to you, the Arizona Mining Claim Holder! In the Season of Thanksgiving we want to thank you for your business!

Without you, our business would not exist, we are most grateful. We are also proud to share your experiences and kind words:

Here is a quick update on my claims. There isn't a lot of gold there, about .039 ounces per ton. However, there is Lead, Silver (about 7oz/ton), massive amounts of Quartz, Manganese Ore, Galena, Amethyst, Chrysocolla, Copper, mini geodes, and calcite crystals.

Here is some info from

A former surface and underground Pb-Au-Ag mine. Orebody is lens-shaped. Mineralization is a vein deposit. Two assays suggest the prospect is significantly enriched in Pb and Ag but not anomalously enriched in Au and Zn. Minerals found on these claims are:

Brochantite, Calcite, Cerussite, Chalcopyrite, Chrysocolla, Galena, Hematite, Hemihedrite, Manganese Oxides, Mimetite, Phoenicochroite, Quartz.

There is also Garnet on the claims.

Love the claims, the wildlife, terrain, weather, cacti, and the rest of the plants but dislike the free range cows and the flies they bring with them.

-L & M from OR-

My claim is producing extremely well, thanks.

-R from AZ-

In fact, this gold is from a claim that he got from you some years ago. The gold is clean - flakes and nuggets.

-B from FL-

I am grateful for the mines you have sold me. Looking forward to future business.

-B from NV-

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