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Mine Finder Gold

Mine Finder Gold offers primarily grass root discoveries. Our claims in most instances have not been developed, meaning that you will not find deep shafts etc. You may encounter small hand dug prospect pits, if that. We use modern day geochemical testing and other technical means including good old prospecting, sometimes for weeks before we locate land worth staking. Many of our claims are located near past producing mines, as the saying goes: when looking for gold, go to where gold has been found before.

Every old mine with a tunnel or shaft that we see now, started from a visible outcrop. Many of us have walked over rich gold deposits a few feet under our own feet without ever knowing it. The good news is that today there are ways to see below the ground, in fact ore is located in deposits deeper than 200 feet below the surface. These are not the deposits that our typical customer is looking for. Save those deep deposits for the mining companies with deep budgets. Most gold hunters want a placer deposit or a high-grade outcrop with specimen rock very near the surface. No digging to China or crawling around old, dangerous, worked out mines.

We know the claims that get the most interest and highest price tags are ones with shafts, tunnels, haulage adits, trenches, pits and huge tailings piles. We know that a lot of our competition focuses primarily on re-staking old mines and that’s what sets us apart. Only if our testing proves a large tonnage of ore grade material remains for mining will we stake an old mine. Some folks would like you to believe that the guys who sunk that shaft or drove that tunnel into the mountain left vast amounts of high-grade ore, just for the taking. Get real! If they left ore it was for a reason. The primary reason being support pillars. How long will your roof hold once you tear out your walls?

One fellow bought a claim with a 2-inch stringer of high-grade exposed ore. Yep, it had visible gold but why did the old timers leave it behind? Well first off, it could only be reached by dropping down 400 feet of shaft and then 380 feet of tunnel. Ask yourself, what does it cost to drill, blast and remove that 2-inch seam of high-grade ore? What about traming the waste and ore 380 feet out and hoisting it 400 feet up to the surface? Good underground miners don't come cheap, what about workman's comp and the cost of explosives and other supplies? You might remove a few pounds of high grade by yourself but then what?

In over 50 years of being in this business I’ve had a few close calls underground. One turned out funny after I got out and another was pure luck, or I wouldn’t be here to write this now. My intent is not to dwell on unseen hazards and dangers one faces underground, but to keep you alive and mining so that you’ll tell a friend about us! No amount of gold is worth your life, please, be careful.

I’ll bet that if you are considering purchasing a mining claim in our beautiful state of Arizona, we have one that fits your needs. All of our claims are located in Arizona because we stick to the areas we know best and are able to offer reasonably priced, quality claims by doing so. You won't find us wandering around the entire great American west, staking all the glamorous ground because that isn't what we do.

"If it didn't have gold, I wouldn't have staked it"

Steve Karolyi

(623) 374-5413

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