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2019 Gold Rush

The 2019 Gold Rush, Myth or Fact?

The above was the title to our June newsletter. At that time gold was just starting to move up. Since then it has moved up to a little over $1500 per ounce. Some say it will drop back down and others think it will hit $3000 per ounce or much higher. In June of 1999 gold was trading shy of $300, in 2011 it reached $1900 before pulling back to the $1100-1200 range. Let’s just visualize gold making a big move up, are you prepared to make a possible fortune if it does?

If you have the inclination to make a ton of money in the next few years with minimum risk, we may be able to help. Obviously one way would be to buy as much of that precious metal as possible and wait it out. Another option exists with a much higher return if you are interested. Owning your own gold mining claim(s) can be your very own pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and here is how and why:

If you already are fortunate enough to own a gold claim, hang on to it. When gold prices move up the value of your claim will increase. Whether you have the time or energy to mine it now you can always sell it later for a big profit.

Gold mining is a great outdoor adventure, away from city hassles, camping in your RV or under the stars. Sitting around a campfire after dinner swapping stories with family or friends might be a great change from being glued to your TV or computer. Or if you are a loner like me, it gives one an opportunity to do some serious thinking without distractions.

If you are serious about gold mining you can start with a few inexpensive tools, no need to spend a fortune until you have scouted and tested your gold claim. Often the gold you have recovered will pay for more expensive equipment.

You might want to check with your accountant as you may be able to write off some or all of your trip expenses, equipment, vehicle depreciation, etc. Some of our out of state buyers often schedule their trips through places like Grand Canyon, Las Vegas or other interesting points along the way.

Thank you and good luck. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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