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Odd how much things haven't changed for us.

We still go out and hike around. Still picking up pretty rocks and soaking up sunshine. The desert landscape is in full bloom and the birds are singing us songs.

Thankfully, our business aligns well with the social distancing mandates.

If you find yourself feeling cooped up, now may be the right time to get out and work your claim! As an added bonus, the sun is a natural disinfectant.

If you don't have a claim yet, let us help you out with this special offer

Gold Star #1-5 Group

5 Lode Claims over 100 acres of gold-bearing ground


$500 Down and $500 Month


For the next 10 days get 10% off all other claim purchases when you call and mention this newsletter.

The rattlesnakes are not following the social distancing rules, please be careful when you are out and about.

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