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The 2019 Gold Rush, Myth or Fact?

During the past 50 plus years I have been a gold prospector and mineral explorationist with the privilege of working with two of the largest mining and exploration companies on the planet. During this great period of my life I met and worked under some of the finest, most knowledgeable exploration geologists in the business. Because of their patience with me, long hours spent in remote areas and horrible working conditions some of their vast knowledge managed to rub off on me. I wish to thank them all and congratulate myself as I managed to retain bits and pieces.

Just last week a major bank announced gold was basically obsolete. Then, a so-called expert predicted gold to hit $2100 and make a large correction. Now since a healthy move up, many of these once negative predictions have changed from zip to $3000 to $5000 per ounce or even higher. So, who or what should one believe? Buy bitcoins? Stock up on ammo? Or perhaps keep a few ounces of the historically valuable, precious yellow metal?

Many of you have purchased gold mining claims from us or other sellers. Or your great granddad left you one. Some of you have been very successful at finding gold and some have totally bombed out. I'm here today to give a few tips to those that have had poor luck or no luck at all. I certainly don't need to give advice to you folks who are finding more gold on a weekend that I do all week.

Gold prospecting is hard work, are you really giving it your all or mainly drinking beer in the shade waiting for your wife to grill the burgers? Any successful gold prospector will tell you, it isn’t easy. You don't need $10,000 worth of shiny new equipment. A low dollar or even a used detector will locate gold just the same as a $7000 unit. Maybe not reach as deep, but who wants to dig to China anyway on a hot day. The 3 largest nuggets that I ever found were in plain sight. I don't care what method you use, just take action! I do know that owning a gold claim isn’t the same as working a gold claim.

Ground rules include to be in gold country, be where gold has been found before. Iowa or Kansas might not produce much. Go where others fear or are reluctant to go, like brushy areas where snakes might hang out. Do what others fear or are reluctant to do, like climbing a steep hill or crawling into a culvert. I recovered almost 4 ounces of coarse gold from an old corrugated culvert in less than two hours, it worked as a natural sluice. Think outside the box by focusing on possibilities and avoiding areas that have been worked over.

Whatever game plan you chose be careful, keep your eyes open for two-legged snakes, four legged skunks, and old codgers with an itchy trigger finger, mind your claim boundaries. Carry extra water, a side arm and duct tape if you're in cactus country.

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