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Tourism Opportunity

We know many of our claim owners, especially those who reside out of state, are unable to visit their claims regularly. We want to explore an idea. During our tourist season we have many visitors to our state looking for the perfect outdoor experience. Most of these people are with their families looking for an authentic old west experience. They plan to spend a few bucks to enjoy a day or two prospecting on someone else’s land. Many of our walk-in customers, at least until their first discovery, don’t want to commit to purchasing a claim. For many reasons, a claim rental on a per-day basis is not something our company can manage. We feel that there is a market for this type of recreational opportunity. In Black Canyon City as well as many small communities, mining is a big part of our history.

Our ultimate vision would include a trail ride to location (horses, ATV’s, jeep tour). Each participant would bring their own equipment, hopefully which they’ve rented from you. Upon arrival, participants set up a tent and have a topo map of the area including claim boundaries and GPS coordinates. People would be free to prospect as much or as little as they prefer, keeping what is recovered. All recoveries must be photographed for the claim owner’s use. When the sun begins to set, your camp host will start the fire and prepare grub in his old Dutch oven. This knowledgeable host will assist paid prospectors in staying within claim boundaries and show folks how to set up and use their equipment. If the claim permits, night prospecting may continue once the sun sets and bellies are full.

The camp host may play a few songs on his guitar while the kids in us eat s'mores before wrapping it up. Upon waking to the smell of fresh coffee and hot food, prospectors are free to join in a hearty breakfast before resuming their activities. Around noon, we’ll pack it in and head for home, hopefully at least one of them will have contracted the “Fever”. You give them our business referral card, and once they purchase a claim from us, you get a referral bonus. Keep in mind that this is a business plan skeleton and of course, there are many business requirements/waivers/insurances that need to be considered.

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