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What Else is Out There?

Have you been following metal prices lately? Gold and silver have been moving in a sideways pattern for quite some time now, up a few dollars and back down a few. Most of us believe that when they finally break out, the sky is the limit, but when? Many people follow just the price of Gold and Silver. Look at all the base metals including copper, lead and zinc. Then look at other metals, much are worth far more than the three base metals I just mentioned. Take a moment to check out cobalt or vanadium, just for the heck of it. Look at a few yearly charts and see how much these two metals have moved in the past 12 months.

Cobalt and vanadium are just two of the many well-known metals you might want to check out. These metals don't just pop up with a sign saying dig me, dig me. You have got to prospect for them just like you’re required to do when prospecting for gold. If you do a little research, you’ll find that they are more common than gold.

When you are out on your claim(s) you might check out the highly fractured, iron stained, oxidized zones that you usually check for gold. You are probably not going to recognize metals like vanadium or cobalt by eyesight, but that's where a good assay lab comes to the rescue.

There are many assay labs in the western states, I only recommend the two I've listed below. They do quality work at a competitive price, do not expect overnight results. These labs are extremely busy with many clients so expect about 3 weeks to get your results.

ALS Global 4161 E Tennessee Street Suite 349, Tucson, Arizona; Phone: (520) 747-3218; website:

Skyline Assayers & Laboratories 1775 W Sahuaro Dr., Tucson, Arizona; Phone: (520) 622-4836; website:

-Steve, Captain of the Mine Finder Gold Crew

(623) 374-5413

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